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I am about to give up! Since October 1st, the Reservation Finder has notified me 7 times of an available BOG lunch reservation and each time it is gone by the time I can get to the reservation page. :disappointed: They’re probably getting tired of looking for me by now lol . . .

It will work soon! I just got an Ohana. Do you have it set up to text you? Also don’t click the link it gives you. Go to MDE yourself and find it. Hope that helps! Don’t give up!

We ended up with a terrible ADR time a few years ago like at 4 in the afternoon. Checked the night before and had our pick of times. So many people cancel the day before to avoid the fee that lots of hard to get bookings open up and it gets a lot easier.


Keep trying! Be ready to pounce! I’m also noticing that BOG’s get dropped the day before almost routinely.

I do have it set up to text me and I have actually done both . . . clicked on the link AND gone to MDE myself. Still can’t seem to get there quick enough! I probably agree that eventually something will come up, I’m just more than a little frustrated right now. Just had to whine a little I guess . . . :wink:

Outer 1 and seebee: Thanks for the encouragement! I will keep trying right up until the day of if necessary. Just makes planning a little difficult in the meantime lol.

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What day are you looking for?

Don’t give up! I had the same thing happen but one time it pinged at 4 something a.m. (I was getting ready to head to the gym) and I got it - for BOG. Not an ideal time, but I’ll take it. Hoping for a little Pixie Dust gives you some magic!

I’m believing in the Pixie Dust, lacy1101.

Scored two ADR’s today. One I just blindly checked on the MDE site and scored before my TP search was even able to notify me of, and the other was a planned exchange with my an awesome forum member.

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I would actually take any of 3 dates: November 16, 18, 20. My preference would be the 18th . . .

Thanks jmhaskell! :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, seebee! :slight_smile:

I share your frustration. I am in Australia and going about 2 weeks after you. I am trying to get breakfast or dinner and I think I would have had over 30 notifications. Unfortunately, due to the time difference, most of them come in the middle of the night for me and by the time I see them, they are gone.
I am also hoping that the closer we get, there will be more times available.
My fingers are crossed for both of us.

@wshoggan want some help from a stateside liner? PM me! You can use my phone number and I will grab them for you . We can transfer over later.

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I have Th 08Dec and 9:30 I will give up if that fits your time frame. Also stateside or not, I have gotten my reservations by checking online all hours of night, 11-4 am, I have even stopped driving, pulled over to a gas station to complete a res alert on my phone! Crazy I know, but effective :slight_smile:

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Thanks reginaali, that is a lovely offer. We were planning on being at HS that day so I won’t take you up on it but I appreciate your generosity.
Enjoy your trip.

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AuntB that is an amazing offer. I would love your assistance so I will get my thoughts and plans in order and send you a message tomorrow.
I must say the Liners community is an amazingly friendly and supportive group.
Thanks again and I’ll be in touch soon.


lacy1101 -
Not trying to brag or make you feel bad, this is just to encourage you to keep hope. My “most wanted” reservation search just happened to pop up and send a notice to my phone. Scored a pre-rd BOG! 8:10am on a 9am opening day. I wasn’t really worried, because I was noticing that the 8am BOG adr’s have been routinely dropped one or two days before the date, but I was just starting to get a little on edge. Res Finder CRUSHED IT! Thank You, TP!!!