BOG Reservation Finder for the win!

I had picked up a 9pm res at BOG to get dessert and see the Beast, but that was during Wishes. Just snagged a 9:40pm thanks to the Reservation Finder!!!


Awesome! I’ve got two requests in the hopper, hopeful. I think things will open up at 45 and 30 days (still quite a ways away…) This way I don’t have to stalk.

when do you go? we have 71 days to go and I’m hoping for a few changes in our ADR. Fingers crossed we all get what we need. Louise x

77! One of the requests came through today. I have one more I’m looking for, and added another option once the first one came through. I’m pretty confident it will come up.

Good luck!

This is awesome news! I just received a text about a 5:30pm 'Ohana reservation. The earliest I was finding it online was 9:40pm which was really throwing off my plans, not to mention my stomach! LOVE the reservation finder!!!