BOG reservation 11-15 @ 2:15 Lunch and 11-20 @ 5:35 Dinner

I’m cancelling the above reservations for BOG if anyone is interested.

That’s a good question…I was under the impression guests over 14 can only wear costumes at MNSSHP, but I could be mistaken, I’m sure someone will have insight.

You may have the wrong thread.

Oops I do, sorry!

Good Reservations! I need them for 1 day later! Thanks for the offer though!

I’m interested in the 11/15@2:15…how’s this work?

I’m interest in the 11/20 dinner. What do I need to do to get them? Also how many people are the reservations for. We have 10

I can drop the reservation at 9:00 pm est if that works for you. It is for 3 people

I can drop it tomorrow at 5pm est if that works for you.

I can drop it tomorrow at 5pm est of that works for you.

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Thanks for letting me know how many. We have 10 so the 3 won’t help right now. I hope you find someone to help with them. :smile: