BOG question

Question about the preordering/dining plan.

I made the reservation for my whole party, but hopefully the free dining will come out and my parents will get it on their package. We intend to share the QS credits, so we would want to use them at BOG.
My question is, if I do our preordering on my MDE account, can we still use the QS credits to pay that are on my mother’s account?

Question 2:
How long before our 12:30 ADR for BOG lunch can we realistically go? we will preorder. Will they let us in the line early if we are there?

Yes, they don’t care how you use QS. For my family of four we regularly used only 2 QS for lunch, it’s so much food!! But note, we ended up with tons of extra credits. As far as 12:30 res and when they let you in…I’ve never been turned away – but I’ve probably always been within a 15 min. Window or so, they really want to get you in as quick as possible, so I would guess it also will depend how close to capacity they are.