BOG preordering, dining plan question

I have made our lunch ADR for BOG for our trip in September in my MDE account for my family of four and my parents. I will be doing our preorder on my account as well. Here’s my question, we will be using my parents quick service dining plan credits to pay for the 4 adults and then my kids oop. Is that going to work? I hope that made sense :slight_smile:

Reports are that you have to pay for the preorder using one form of payment. In your case, six counter service meals. Can you make up the difference on another meal?

Ugh, I hate to waste 2 counter service credits on kids meals. Dang it, I was afraid this would be a problem. How are the portions? I wonder if we could just let them share off our plates and not order them anything?

Could you have them split an adult meal? You could skip the kids meals. They serve you pastries and if you share your food I bet there would be plenty for the table. Leave everyone on the ADR so you can all get in just order 4 meals.

What about the fact I made these adr on my account and the dining plan is on my moms account? Do we just need to make our food preorder on her account to use her plan?

No, I would link her to the dining party but you should be fine.

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thank you, we are linked because I do all the ADRs and FPP for everyone.

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