BOG pre rope drop reservation ..what are my options for rides

So I have a reservation for 8:10 at BOG, and planning on leaving there to beat rope droppers… which rides can I get in line for… is it just for fantasyland? We were hoping to get a head start to rope drop Space Mountain.

Most hit SDMT first then hustle to a second one. I did this last trip after a PPO ADR at BOG. got off SDMT just as the rope drop crowds were released at the castle. I went to space mountain next and had a 10 minute wait.


Just FL, you won’t be allowed into Tomorrowland but you can wait at the rope. I think they hold you by the teacups but I am probably wrong.

is it an advantage over non BOG diners??

I haven’t actually done it. Looking at the map, I’d say a marginal advantage.

You don’t really get an advantage, but on a lucky day they sometimes run 7D a little before RD. In that rare case, you could be off 7D and then on you way to TL along with the rope drop crowd.

Tbh, I usually aim for PPF as my ride after 7D - most likely to catch it since it is relatively nearby.

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We are going on a day where there is Extra Magic Morning… the one you have to pay extra for… I thought there might already be a big line up at 7D and PPF because of that…

Your BOG won’t be helpful on an Extra Magic Morning. Those folks will already be riding, as you surmised. I would try for a BOG on a non-Extra Magic Morning instead

Ok just to be clear… it is NOT the extra morning hours for guests staying at the resorts
It’s the pay extra morning magic…
I read somewhere that it doesn’t affect the CL that me ch, and it’s good for BOG PPO ADR because the rope for sure won’t drop until 9 am…

It’s not necessarily good for rope dropping Space though, because many of the people doing it will also be lined up waiting to be let through into Tomorrowland to do Space. They’ll be mainly finished with Fantasyland and looking to get a couple of rides in before they go for breakfast.

If you want to rope drop 7DMT or PP, you’ll be on before the RD crowd.

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Ok that makes sense

Has anyone done BOG PPO on an extra morning magic paid event day??

I have not done it personally, but reports I’ve seen say that you get on right at opening but are able to line up before. So you are behind the EMM people (not that many), but still in front of the masses. So an advantage if the goal is to get on a ride in FL without an FPP, but not really and advantage if you are heading elsewhere.