BOG Pre-Rope Drop Breakfast

I have an 8:05 A.M. reservation at BOG on a day the park opens at 9:00. I also have a lunch reservation at BOG that day, and I am going to drop one of them. We ate there for lunch on our last trip, and loved the food. I heard the lunch food is much better than the breakfast food, but I am leaning towards trying breakfast, both to try something different, and to get in front of the crowds for 7DMT and/or Peter Pan.

Will this reservation really get me much further ahead of the crowd than if I just rope-drop? I would love to hear about your experiences with this (when do they let you near 7DMT and Peter Pan, when do the rides start running, etc.).

Also, how is the breakfast food? We are on the dining plan, so I do not really care about the price differential, just the food quality.

Last September, I had an 8:25 PPO BOG Breakfast on a 9AM park open. We pre-ordered the day before, got to BOG around 8:15, they let us on in. We were finished eating and outside of the restaurant by 8:50, headed straight to 7DMT. We got stopped at the entrance because they don’t let any more guests inside after the opening show at the castle starts, but we were within the first 20-30 people in line.
I loved the breakfast food - I got the crepes off the kids menu and they were good. My mom also enjoyed this breakfast more than other breakfasts.I can’t remember what she ordered, but it was a generous portion of food. She has celiac disease and BOG brought her out her own special tray of gluten free pastries in addition to the normal pastries brought out for the rest of our table.
I think the PPO breakfast is worth it and as long as you get out of the restaurant by 8:45/8:50, you should be near the front of the line at 7DMT.


When is this for?

If there is the slightest chance that they change the opening hours to 8am, that PPO breakfast then becomes a hindrance. I would check historic opening times first.

In fact, I would hold onto both until you get closer. I know that’s a bit contentious for some, but it’s not as if you have 2 PPO breakfast times or anything.

It is for late-July. Yes, I was thinking of keeping both until the trip gets closer for that very reason.

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