BOG pre-RD & headed to kiddie rides?

I’ve seen some posts about early BOG folks and a variety of experiences re 7DMT, from getting to ride early to a cast member leading them to line. What if we are headed to little kid stuff? If we are done w/breakfast by 8:45 on a 9am day, can we go ride Dumbo & Mermaid? Guessing Ariel Meet & Greet not open till 9? Thoughts?

Is Peter Pan not in your plan? I did PP and then headed over to Winnie the Pooh (I continued on to Space). The whole area was open (after 9:00)

I’m guessing will be able to get PP FP 9 or 9:30, and Touring Plan telling me to go to him last in the hour of the FP in the touring plan. So after 9, all the kid rides in Fantasyland open for sure? What about 8:50, what’s the situation then?

Since I was right there I did PP before the park opened and at 9:05 when I got off everything was open. ETwB waits for a whole room to fill, so avoid that.

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Ymmv, but off in the distance, the horde was storming up Mainstreet, but they still wouldn’t let us near peter pan, so we rode the carousel

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Maybe a quick Dumbo? Mermaid? We’ll probably be able to FP for PP?

Does the FP line skip the new queue in PP?

It did in Sept, not sure if it still does. The new queue is so fun!

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How fun? Should I FP meeting Ariel instead and take kids to PP early so a little time in regular queue?

It’s just a cute queue that kids would enjoy. I don’t want to give it away, but there are some cute interactions that kiddos (and adults too!) would enjoy. Maybe FP Ariel and then head to PP first thing?