BOG Pre RD Breakfast-what to do immediately after?

We have an 8:00 a.m. BOG breakfast on 04/29. We eat very quickly in general-a breakfast of similar nature would only take half an hour so I know we will be done by park opening (provided there are no service issues). I was wondering what I should do first-this is our E&A day but our FP+ isn’t until 2:40. Should I keep it for now but line up for that first and then switch my FP+ to something else the day of?

After our scheduled FP+ we will be leaving the park for a break so if we visit them earlier in the day then we could leave earlier-but I don’t know if that will just make wait times longer through the rest of the day? Is it even realistic to think that we could be some of the first people in line if we have a BOG 8:00 am ADR? Thanks!

Oh and maybe one other crucial thing-crowds are expected to be a 3 this day.

I’m curious where they will let people roam.

The plan for my preRD BOG is to head over to 7dmt and be first in line. But I’m not concerned about A&E. You could do A&E at rope drop and then change you FPP for something else. But again, not sure if there will be ropes up in places and where.

I’m curious to see.

When is your breakfast? I would love to know what your experience is!

After yours. So you first!! lol.

Mine is Memorial Day.

Looking for reviews of this as well, I have one booked for May 23!

Someone on chat this morning said they were done w brekkie by 8:40 or so but they opened MK early and people were already in line for 7dmt! Derp.

I have an 8am (2, actually). One day I’m hoping to use it to line up for 7dmt, the other, PP.

I would say, @CassidyPhantastic, if you get to A&E and find the park was already opened or if they hold you at the bridge or something (we still don’t know where the hold will be, afaik), keep your fpp. We used fpp for A&E last fall and there was not one person ahead of us in the fpp area. We waited maybe 5 mins. Consider how much you can get done the first hour of RD vs waiting even 30 mins for A&E…the “opportunity cost”, as it were. For example, my TP said if I go to 7dmt at RD vs using fpp later in the day, I will lose 35 mins and it throws off my whole morning. Of course it didn’t account for any “BOG Brekkie” advantage… just my $0.02.

However, a different person in the chat room the day before said they were held near corner of 7D and then let go in time to beat the crowd.

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That is good news! I hadn’t seen that–thanks!

ANy reports back on how it works getting to stuff after BOG breakfast? We’re not 7DMT people, little kids, thinking Dumbo, Ariel. Mermaid? Then running over Merida, but she’s not there till 9:15