BOG PPO TP question

I’ve watched a couple YouTube videos about the best use of a PPO BOG ADR. My question is, do you think we would have enough time to ride 7DMT, PPF, Slash, and BTMRR then make it over to Space in time for a 9:00 FP??

You mean get to Space before your window closes at 10? No chance in my opinion. Splash is a 17 minute ride.

Yes, make it to space before the window closes.

What if we skip Splash, could we get 7DMT, PPF and BTMRR in?

I would guess so but making a touring plan for your day is the easiest way to tell because it will depend on crowd level.

You might make it back to Space during the grace period but I would never take that chance. When I did 7DMT after a PPO BOG we got off the Rose after the crowd made it to Fantasyland. I would expect at least a 20 minute PP wait at that time. You would be walking across the park to BTMRR and then all the way back across to Space. After PP I would loop back to WtP or UtS (maybe both) on the way to Space.

I concur. Unless it’s a super low crowd day (which doesn’t really exist anymore), you’ll get off of 7DMT after the RD crowd has hit Fantasy Land. Even if you had a walk on at PP, sprinted to BTMRR, walked on it standby, and sprinted back, you’d still be looking at 30+ minutes. Both lines will be longer than 15 minutes, so I wouldn’t bet on it.

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