BOG PPO on Marathon day (1/12)

Does anyone have experience with this? I’m starting to fret that I won’t be able to get from CBR to my BOG PPO reservation on marathon Sunday. Usually we use the free transportation but for this I’m planning to utilize a Minnie Van because we need two car seats and I’m not sure if the buses will be running as early as usual given the marathon. Part of my paranoia is that there are still BOG PPO time slots available for that day and to me this either means that everyone else is aware of something I am not, or it bodes well for low morning crowds if we can manage to make it there. I’ve double checked that there is no EMM or EMH scheduled for that date. Thanks for any information/thoughts.

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We’re also going to RD MK on 12 Jan. Was hoping someone in the know might respond to this. I’d also like to know what time the Monorail will start running as I’ll have to park outside the TTC. Anyone out there know?

I can only offer our experience. We were at WDW during the Princess Marathon two years ago. Morning buses were erratic enough that there was a CM at the bus stop calming people down and handing out FPS. We were an hour late getting to Epcot.

Keep in that beyond the buses being tied up ferrying runners, the roads are jammed. It caused us to change our plans last year and fly to Orlando the morning of the race.

We also have a PPO BoG ADR this day and are staying offsite. I did extensive research and actually emailed WDW to ask about road closures and such. Driving on our own, we’re taking some back roads to MK and are doubling our expected travel time. That said, sounds like internal transportation (and certainly coming from CBR since the marathon starts and ends at Epcot) May be trickier. I’d probably take the Minnie van and just plan on earlier than expected pick up time.

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Which back roads? We’re also driving that morning for PPO ADR from Disney Springs. I imagine you’re planning on the monorail then? Are you by chance taking Winter Garden Vineland Rd to Vista Blvd. to the lots outside TTC? Thanks in advance for any insight.

Wow - can’t believe how many of us have PPO for BOG on 1/12! This thread is making me very nervous. I was planning on a bus; I thought from previous years the advice was to use Disney transportation for marathon weekend. But maybe not for PPO to MK?!?

Thanks for the responses/thoughts. I’m thinking we’ll stick with the idea of Minnie Van and plan to leave CBR by 7:00 AM…I think/should hope an hour should be enough time even with the marathon reroutes

Yes! This is the plan. Think it was one of the routes listed in the TP guidebook. I also looked at road closure maps for past marathons and this route seemed to avoid most of the issues.

I run all of the races weekends at Disney. I obviously see first hand and run on the closed roads. My advise is DO NOT try and get to MK for a PPO breakfast the morning of the full marathon. You will be stuck in traffic. It doesn’t matter how you try to get there, you are going to be significantly delayed. The marathon is starting at 5:00 am this year and the course is changing. Once RunDisney releases the course maps you should look at them and see which miles MK will be as it is expected to be a little later in the race this year. That will make a huge difference.


The TP guidebook? Maybe I should know where/what this is, but I’d appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

This! I have the 2019 version and they have a list of “Sneak Routes” starting on page 489. I’m staying just East of the I-4 (about an 11 minute drive to the MK under normal circumstances) and I mapped this route on Google. It’s meant to take about 18 minutes under normal circumstances. I plan to leave an hour of time. I suspect the last two miles will take the bulk of that time.

I’m sure someone has posted this, but the route is changing this year, quite significantly I believe.

I have some experienced Disney “running friends” elsewhere, so I’ll ask them what they think and report back.

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I just heard about that in this thread actually. Though do we know if the order of the parks has changed? Or just the street routes? I thought I saw the route map online awhile back but maybe it was an old one…

The only information on the course change that’s been released so far is that you’ll run through more of Epcot, Run through Blizzard Beach, and spend less time on the main roads.

This can only be good news for us non-runners then!

Any idea when they will post the new routes and where should I look to find them? We have a PPO for BOG on the half marathon day (the 11th). Staying at a DS hotel. So not quite onsite. We were planning on taking Uber to Contemporary, but I’m worried about making it there. Would going to TTC be better as far as traffic goes?

They just released the course maps and for the marathon, Magic Kingdom isn’t until mile 10. So, much later in the race than years past. This will cause further traffic delays later into the morning.

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There are warnings on the Contemporary and Bay Lake web pages of road closures affecting guests on Marathon day; likely they will need to use the road that goes round the back of MK for access.

I wouldn’t bank on being able to get to the Contemporary by Uber easily that day.