BOG PPO: keep it or drop it?

We (me, dh, ds16 ds18) have 2 MK days. Currently scheduled on the first one is:

8am BOG (park opens at 9am)
9:10 BTMR FP
11:25 SDMT FP
2:30 Splash Mtn FP
6:15 HDD Revue

The only reason to keep the BOG is for early entrance. We did breakfast there last trip, and have lunch there planned on MK day 2. I wasn’t originally going to try to get the PPO, but was hoping to do EMM, but they changed the days for it the week we are there. :roll_eyes: So if we keep the res, would go for early entry, deserted park pics, grab a light quick bite and then get to Fantasyland to get in a line early.

We are basically doing “left side” of MK on this day and “right side” on MK2. So if we DON’T keep the PPO, would RD to Pirates and Jungle Cruise, then head up to BTMR.

If we KEEP the PPO, would try to get to Peter Pan and/or IASW ahead of RD crowd, both of which we have FP for on MK2, but I would then modify those to something else… OR we try to get on SDMT and I modify that one.

I’m really torn on what to do. The other advantage of dropping it might be just to have a slower start to the day, since it’s a long day with HDD in the evening (probably won’t return to the resort before HDD, at least that’s my plan).

Do you have DDP? It’s expensive OOP if you don’t care that much. Seems like you’re in good shape FPP wise so no need to worry about that. You don’t need the FPP for IASW - Id try for a same day FP for that and swap for something else.

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We do not have DP, but I’m aware of the cost - I figured we might just got an entree to share, or order a kids meal. It would be mostly about getting into the park early. But I am starting to think it might not be worth getting to the park an hour earlier than we otherwise would.

Thanks for the suggestion about IASW! I figure it’s one that we can check out on Day 1, and if we ride it great - I’ll modify the day 2 FP; and if not or lines seem long I’ll just keep it. :slight_smile: