BOG PPO breakfast not preordering

I have an 8:10am BOG ADR. I cannot preorder because of different dining plans and I don’t want to just pay with one credit card since its so pricey so I want to use a QS credit. I was wondering how long is the line in the AM to order at the kiosk? I will try to get there as early as possible of course but am I looking at over a 10 min wait? I want to eat as quickly as possible and make it outside no later than 8:40 to get in line for mine train. We also have an allergy but I think they just make van’s waffles so I hope that wont take long and I will just order that at the kiosk. Any advice is helpful. If anyone else experience took a long time maybe I will just pay with a c. card.

Have you already tried preordering? I was under the impression that, even with preordering, you paid upon arrival. Wondering if you could preorder and then sort out the credits when you are there.

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We had the dining plan and pre-ordered, no problem. You then pay when you arrive; , they read through your order and you can change it if you need to before paying.


I have pre-ordered with my family of 4 and my 2 parents. We were on connected on MDE but different rooms and different dining plans. When I arrived inside, they reviewed my order and separated it based on who was on what plan. I was only charged my 4 credits. They then scanned my mom’s band and got her two credits.

that would be great. from what I read on other boards you couldn’t split between different dining plans. we are all connected on my MDE but of course different reservations. That would be great. I guess I could just preorder and then ask when I get there if they can do that and if not then cancel the preorder or something.

I heard you cant use two or three different dining plans, but JenniferB1975 says they did for her so who knows. With today’s technology you would think you could do it. Did you ride mine train afterwards? And if you did, did you try to hit peter pan after that? I’m thinking maybe I could ride mine train then maybe just fast pass peter pan for later…I really don’t want to be stressed and I refuse to wait in lines…yup I said it…no lines, lines drive me insane.

I forgot to add that there are 8 of us and we are going in Oct. on an MNSSHP day so hopefully the crowds wont be too bad. We went five years ago and it was great but I heard a lot has changed with crowds in the fall…that is worrying me.

We didn’t do PPO, we did it at around 9:30 on what turned out to be an 8am opening, which may have been emh. It was Christmas Eve, and our first morning after a flight from the uk. Just wanted to start off our trip with trying BOG.

The policy says they won’t split the payment, i.e.: part cash, part ddp. Sounds like they will sometimes allow different ddp. Could you not have one person use their credits for this, then let the others pay for another QS meal? If necessary that is.

It was well worth pre ordering. We went up to pre order side, got to walk in and although we had to wait (mainly because people were changing their order at the pay desk - grrrrr), it was way quicker than the ordering line. People were waiting 30 minutes to order, it crawled along.

I’m worried about the wait, maybe its not so bad at an 8am breakfast so that’s what I’m trying to figure out. I have looked into the splitting credits and that maybe a good idea…cause you can use all of them at anytime right? what I mean is not just one QS a day per person? I would be angry too if people were taking forever in the preorder line…grrr grrr grrr.

We didn’t preorder and we were the third group to enter the dining area. They hand out menus while you wait in line so everyone should know what they want by the time you get to the kiosks. Honestly, the preorder line was moving slower than ours because people were changing their minds, but they didn’t get menus while in line so they stood at the kiosk hemming and hawing.

was this at breakfast? hmm i would def make sure the grandparents know what they want, i would be the button pusher too cause im sure someone would mess it up. i would rather split it up payment wise just to make things easier.

ugh - can I ask what time of year and if your experience was pre RD?

Last October, we had an 8:25 ADR at BOG. Actually, I took DD4 to her BBB appt while the rest of the family ate at BOG. They did not pre-order. Not sure exactly how long it took them to order but could not have been long as they exited BOG around 8:40-8:45 and we all waited just a bit before they allowed us to ride SDMT. I wouldn’t stress it assuming you plan to be there for 7:45 entrance to park.

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thanks, I couldn’t imagine having a BBB appt and making it out in time. I know I would be stressing.

Yes you can use your credits in any way you want. Everyone on the reservation will have access to all credits too.

This was 2 weeks ago, and it was for PPO breakfast. We were in line right at 8 am.

Oh good, makes me stress a little less. Thanks

Can someone remind me how to preorder? Last trip was in 2015 and back then there was a special link. Still the case? And when can you preorder?

There is a special link. You can order from 30 days and the link will open up. You can also change your order right up to your reservation time too.