I have signed up for two notifications systems, I put in both breakfast and lunch.

What else can I do to get an ADR at BOG for 27 Sept-29 or 2 Oct-6th?

Just keep checking, several times a day, and right up to the day you want to go.

I waited a long time and started to think there was no hope. About a month before my trip tons of ADR’s pop up! I switched my BOG time and Ohana ADR twice in the last few weeks to get the perfect time. Trust me… it will eventually happen! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much because right now I feel very hopeless but I will keep checking. You are making me feel a bit better.

This is true! We had the same experience closer to the time of our trip last year!
I just cancelled a BOG breakfast on 9/30 because I was able to get a better time on 10/2! So, it happens!

Because we live in the EU I am 8 hours ahead. I can’t get the evening notifications but we just booked a lunch on the 2nd. We got the alerts and grabbed it. So there is hope. Now to get that coveted 8 am breakie! Thanks for everyone stories which give me hope. I am sure once we are in Florida we will see ADR’s open up.

I know it’s not the same restaurant but I got a better Chef Mickey’s time about 2 weeks before my trip. It happens. People change their plans daily, even hourly.

I’ve always gotten tons of BOG breakfast options in the weeks and days leading up to my trips. Probably lunch, too, but I’m usually looking for breakfast.

We are so far away from our trip that I think I will keep a light watch but stop stressing over it now. I wonder, is breakfast really 24 USD? Is it a buffet breakfast? That just seems really high for a breakfast.

Yes it really is $24. It is a regular menu, no buffet. It does include your drink and a plate of pastries. I would only do breakfast if it is pre-RD so you can ride 7DMT before rope drop crowds arrive. We did it in January and April, and thought it was worth the money. Not worth it without the early park entrance at that price, you might as well do dinner for not much more and get to meet the beast.

Can we just have coffee and taken in the ambience? We have never been there before?

I think you have to purchase something, but not sure if you can just get a drink. You can buy kids meals for adults though, they are cheaper.

I saw they have a cupcake, does that count? I really didn’t see anything that made me think wow, that looks great. My son and I could split crepes.

I have not been but will be going in June. My plan is for my husband and I to split the meat and cheese board and a cupcake. I think it did used to be a prix fixe situation, but I don’t imagine now that you have to order a full meal. On the menu everything is listed and priced separately. It also doesn’t say anything on the restaurant’s info page about minimum orders or choosing an entree for $24 or anything - and they do have details about reservations, preordering, etc.

It also actually doesn’t look like drinks are included anymore either.