BOG lunch problem**

Help please! I'm at 28 days for my BOG fpp+ ressie which I want to book tomorrow and it has the wrong dates in the system for me. Somehow it picked up my old reservation that was cancelled?!? When i go into the system I see 9/19-9/25 for my FPP+ options. my arrival date isn't until 9/26. Any idea how I can fix this? Help! TIA!!

** more info ** My original trip was for 9/19 -9/25 but I cancelled and rebooked for the following week 9/26-10-04 to take advantage of the free dining plan.

I'd call WDW and have your res # ready

Thanks Sam... but I heard the website was run by a different company other than disney frowning

Give it a try

Create a new MDE account for another member of your group. Then go log in with that and use your new confirmation number (12 digit, no letters that there is extensive information on another thread about how to find) and you should be all set.


Creating a new MDE account won't screw up any of my current resv. or FPP+?

No, not at all - it's for someone else in your party, not for you - and you do need to link that account to yours. For example, I created one for my husband. Then I went in to my MDE and invited him to connect. Once he accepted my invitation to connect, all of the FPP etc were then linked to his account. I then used his MDE log in on the BOG site. It sounds complicated but it honestly took about five minutes. I just used the same password as for my MDE account so that I could easily remember it.

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great! Thanks for the info Iheartepcot!!

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Sorry... last question before I create a MDE for my husband. Is it okay if he is already listed on all my ADRs, tickets, etc.. it won't delete his info off of my page in anyway? Im just nervous I'm going to lose hard to get ADRs when linking them. Thanks!

Just called WDW on a different issue. MDE is most definitely run by Disney

This is the number for the internet help desk (407) 939-7765

Thanks Sam! Sorry if I wasn't clear before... I meant the BOG FPP+ website. I heard its run by a separate IT company. I'll call them regardless... thanks again.

It really won't mess anything up to create an account for another member of your party. I did it for three different people in my group, on two different reservations, and it had no impact whatsoever on FP or ADRs. The trick is that when you invite the person after you have created their account.

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So, I created a new MDE for my DH, I invited him to my account... logged in to his account once the invitaion was accepted... and I have the same 12 digit number as before:( I do know my way around a computer, I did the steps correctly, yet it still gave me the same code? Sorry... just venting here. Thanks for trying every one.

Any luck fixing your arrival date?

No:( I was on the phone with the Disney IT rep & they have issued a ticket to the outsourced IT dept. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thanks for checking in:)

Fingers crossed!!

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FYI: My BOG website showed the WRONG date range until the day I could book (27 days out) so I would just re-visit the site on day 27 and see.

I also echo others above that since the BOG FPP site is not linked to MDE that calling may not help.

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Thanks for the imput @999HappyHaunts. ok... since my head is swimming, & my brain is mush right now please help me count. lol!! If my check in date is 9/26... am I 28 days or 27 days out today?