BOG lunch or dinner?

Have only been to BOG lunch once, so I was happy to get a dinner ADR. I also have a lunch ADR, so now I can decide which to choose. (Forget the breakfast ADR, I’m doing that! Lol) What I’d like to know is, is the dinner worth it? It will cost at least double, and being that we’re a family of 5, that’s quite a substantial cost increase. Is the experience any different? I loved the atmosphere at lunch! But other than seeing the Beast, is it really any better? My kids are 12, 15 and 17, so seeing the Beast is not a big deal for us. Thanks.

I did not enjoy dinner. We had poor quality food that wasn’t worth the money we spent. Lunch was fantastic though.

I have the same age kids! We loved our lunches, but we loved the dinner even more. Food was excellent and darkened atmosphere was great. Very different than lunch. Cost is typical overpriced Disney, but I felt it was worth it.

Dinner ADR sat us late in the center ballroom that crames people together too close. We missed our next FP time to Meet Belle - and the manager came over to tell me not to worry that he could do me a favor about getting in after the time window. I’m not into favors - so we just missed it. The food was not that good - with mushroom juices all over even though I requested no fungus or single celled organisms. After paying the bill for four adults, I could not muster a smile for the picture with Beast. To top it all off, the selection of desserts did not include cupcakes.

The beast only make appearances at dinner, if that’s important to you. I love lunch there!!

I went to both lunch and dinner on our last trip. If you liked lunch, stick with that as the extra cost (especially given you are not interested in the Beast) is not worth it. I thought lunch was much better in terms of value for money. The restaurant at night in the ballroom still feels like a huge cafeteria. Save yourself the money!

My mom and I had dinner at BOG and we weren’t that impressed! Then on top of that Beast was out of sorts so if we wanted a pic with him we would have had to wait for an hour and a half (maybe). So we skipped beast and headed for our FP at 7DMT! I have had lunch there with my kids and I think I enjoyed that more, but was really not that impressed with either!