BoG lunch not taking stand-by?!?

Hi, guys! So on my trip over Labor Day weekend, around 11 AM I noticed that the line at BoG for lunch was very long, but strangely it went over to the left of Beast’s castle, towards ETWB, instead of to the right, towards Gaston’s. I heart another person say “that’s all the FPP line. They’re not taking anybody without a FPP.” I wasn’t sure whether to believe that or not.
But now I’ve just read @999HappyHaunts’s awesome trip report, and she also says that at 11:45 BoG wasn’t taking any more stand-by guests for the day.
So I’m wondering – what is up with that? This seems very new to me… Are they handing out so many more FPPs that they don’t have room for stand-by?? In the past you could show up later in the lunch hours, and you might have to stand in the heat for ages, but you’d still be able to eat lunch.
Any ideas?

Not sure… and I didn’t confirm that personally. There was a sign out front that said the restaurant was at capacity for the day and not taking walk-ups. I don’t remember the exact language but it was something like that.

This has more info.

Here she comes to save the day! Liner Librarian’s on her way! Awesome, @SallyEppcot! I knew there had to be some news about it somewhere! :slight_smile: