BOG Lunch Kids Meals

How big are the kids meals for BOG lunch? About half the size of an adult entree? The kids meals are more appealing to my dad, who would normally finish a full adult QS meal elsewhere in WDW, so he’s considering ordering two :joy::joy: Just wondering if that would be similar to an adult portion since we’ve never been.

We’ve been quite a few times. DD5 usually orders the Feast a la Beast, but sometimes the shrimp. The shrimp portion is small, but the Feast is decent size. Funnily enough I think it was bigger when it was pork as opposed to chicken. I do think two kids portions should be enough for your dad, depending on which dishes he’d go for. :slight_smile:

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I would also just ask if they can make him an adult portion of what’s on the kids menu. They’re pretty accommodating


Oh yes good idea! Though I think he’s considering getting two different kids meals for a variety :joy: