BOG lunch — how quickly can I do it?

From walking in, to walking out, how quickly could a single diner on a mission get through lunch at BOG?

#asking for a friend

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Don’t forget you can order ahead for lunch. That could save some time.

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I’ll need to eat something and BOG has availability. I’ve got big meal in the early evening, so I figure I may just have an entree. It would be nice to get BOG into my schedule.

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We were out after 50 Minutes and way too early for our next FPP.

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That’s good to know. Thanks.

What does this have to do with your “friend”

Fast at BOG?! Man we milked our breakfast table! It was soon cool being in the castle of my absolute favorite Disney movie of all times.

Sorry, just had to put in my .02.

I’m having a wild saturday night at home in my PJs trying to figure out how I can plan a fall 2018 trip and start planning 2019 trips. LOL!! (in addition to all the DLR trips, as we are local)


This raises a very good point. You’ll be in one of the most themed restaurants in Disney World, if any deserve not to be raced through, I definitely feel this one is on the list.

I mean, I fully understand wanting to just get in the “experience” but where it lacks in food it makes up for in just about everything else. I wouldn’t recommend rushing it if you can avoid it.

Additionally, I know you’re kinda allergic to “Rope Drop Timing”, but I heard your friend likes advantages… and BOG excels the most when being used for a PPO breakfast. :wink:


But that then goes against the “take your time” approach you just advocated, which I totally agree with by the way. :sweat_smile:

We did breakfast at BOG, not PPO but at around 9:30 on Christmas Eve. We must have spent about 75 minutes in there, by the time we ate our (cold) food and looked round.

You can order a kids meal which may be smaller and less filling for the dinner but still get you experience.

Perhaps I should explain!

My main MK day only has four and a half hours allocated to it. (I have two — and possibly three — shorter part-days in the schedule also, but this is my main one.)

It occurred to me that I’ll need to eat at some point — though not too much: I have my huge V&A meal starting at 5.45pm.

I researched the “best quick service restaurants in MK” and one blogger put BOG in the number one spot. I went to BOG for dinner last year and was disappointed but I had wanted to give it another try, mostly for the theming.

So it’s not so much that I want to scoff down the food in ten minutes and then rush off — I’ve allocated an hour from in the door to out again — but that I wanted to check what was credible. My table service meals are all allocated an hour and a half (at least) and I didn’t want to spend that long at BOG.

My objection to rope-dropping is two-fold.

First, I plan on leaving the parks at closing each night, so I don’t want to burn the candle at both ends. (And because I’m staying off property, I have no easy place to go to for an afternoon rest.)

Second, the house I’m staying in is so lovely that I want time to enjoy it. It’s more than a place to sleep. Last year I did lazy mornings in the house and it worked really well.

An hour will be perfect.

Make sure you pre-order, then you by-pass that long line for the kiosks. An option will come up on MDE maybe 30 days before to pre-order.

You can change your order on the day. I made sure we did that an hour before, I’m sure I’ve seen people say they did it much closer than that.

Edit: by “you” I mean “your friend” of course!


For the solo traveler, I think it still does. A 8AM BOG breakfast that has been preordered can be leisurely enjoyed (inlucding wait for it to reach your table) in about 30-45 minutes. For a family, group, or couple, that’s like no time to eat and enjoy and converse, but for a solo traveler, that is actually a lot of time and still leaves space to further explore the place or even go outside and line up for a desired ride ahead of 99% of the crowds.

I guess it starts getting down to “time is relative” :stuck_out_tongue:

ah, I see.

You may have seen this on my other thread, but this BOG lunch reservation has now been moved to my last day, where I’ll be able to do it full justice with no rushing. I swapped it for lunch at CRT, that I was never fully happy about.

I’m now having breakfast at 1900PF on the day of my big dinner, instead of the lunch at BOG. Which makes more sense in terms of timing, and because I’ll be in the GF anyway dropping off my suit in the morning.

That sounds like a much better plan.

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