BOG lunch FPP - changing # in party

I had an on-site stay in January so I still have access to the BOG lunch for my off site trip in November. When I go to look at dates, it has my 4 family members listed. Is there any way I can add to this or not since I am off site now? I was hoping this would work out for us but I am traveling with another family and want to add them - I can't imagine they would honor adding extra people when we check in.

Does it actually give you times during your new reservation? I know that it may still let you log in but I haven't heard of anyone being able to select a time if they were offsite.

As for adding anyone you cannot. It reads from your onsite reservation to know who to include. It's not something you can manually do.

Yes, it does. I heard anecdotally that one onsite stay "unlocks" the ability to book this, appears to be some kind of glitch. I figured I wouldn't be able to add more people - maybe I will call and ask, can't hurt right?

Right! All they can do is say no lol.