BOG lunch ADRs

I made an ADR at BOG for lunch for just myself at 12:15. I then made another ADR at 12:30 for just my DS. Will we be able to check in together at 12:15 or will I need to cancel and keep searching for a party of 2 ADR?

“Technically” you can be 15 min late for an ADR. If you check in somewhere between the two times, you should be OK. Worst case, you check in at 12:15, he checks in at 12:30, and you meet up inside.

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Ok. Thank you.

What about for table service? Our party of 10 is split for BOG, ressie for 6 at 4:05pm and for 4 at 4:45pm. I do have res finder searches but go around in circles with, do we split the difference? Do we all check in early for 4:05 and ask to be seated together? Do we just get the kids in early and get them going? (4 kids, parents, 2 sets grandparents) We aren’t going until Nov but assuming we keep the 4:05 and 4:45, what’s our best option?

I don’t think you’ll have a problem checking in at the same time since it’s find your own table once inside. Have a great time! Try the grey stuff and I do heartily recommend the onion soup and the turkey sandwhich with dijon mustard!!!
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That may be a bit more problematic since the tables are already set up and there is little manouvering room. It’s like any fancy restaurant and I don’t really recall any very big tables. But don’t lose heart! you already have a split table, the worst that can happen is that you stay that way, but maybe if you ask really nice…
Arrive at the first reservation’s start and pose your dilema. Good luck to you too @lottendpr!!! Enjoy your meal!!!

Show up well before your first reservation and let them know you will be returning at your reservation time and would like to be seated together if possible. That will give them a bit of warning and make it more likely your request will be honored without a long wait. Keep trying!

If I remember right, you only choose your own table at lunch. At dinner they seat you.

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Yes that is correct. Breakfast and lunch is open seating. Dinner is hostess seating.