BOG Late Dinner at MVMCP in Nov

I FINALLY scored reservations at BOG for our MVMCP day in November - after looking four times a day for four days (persistence DOES pay off!) - but the reservations are at 9:30PM. No worries - all we want is the cupcake, right? But I just realized they’re switching to the prix fixe 3-course menu. Oh no! I don’t want a $55 3-course meal at 9:30 at night! What a huge bummer. It’s enough I have to shell out $100 additional for the party ticket, I don’t need a $55 Master’s Cupcake, too! BOO.

Anyone else having this issue, or am I a pity-party of one?

Is the cupcake not an option at Breakfast or Lunch?

you can get it at breakfast or at lunch :slight_smile:

But I can’t (yet) get reservations at breakfast or lunch :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m just gonna keep trying!

Hint: next time use the TP reservation finder.

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Oh trust me - I did! That was the first place I went when I couldn’t get them as soon as the reservation desk opened up. Haven’t received a response yet . . . But I’m too Type A to wait . . .

I noticed that a lot of restaurants have no capacity during my November trip. I’m wondering if, since it’s a slower time of the year, WDW is waiting to see guest count and will release more reservations at a later date. I’ve never seen them do that but then again, I only go during peak times. I haven’t been at an off-peak time in nearly 10 years.