BOG: Large reservation split between ppl w/ dp & those w/o dp

Quick question. I’m putting our order in for BOG and it has a disclaimer about ‘not being able to split the bill when booking online’. I’m hoping this means just online and when we get there it will be no problem. Half the group is on the dining plan, the other half is not. Will this be a problem when we arrive? It’s a party of 10 and 4 of them are dp. Would it be better to break the group up by reducing the reservation and hoping the remainder can be easily rebooked right away? I hope that makes sense. Thanks for any help and/or tips.

If you preorder, they will only accept one form of payment whether that’s oop or dining plan.

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So the solutions are either not using the ddp or to break the groups up now and then preorder?


  • don’t pre-order
  • those on the dining plan treat the others (hopefully reciprocated at another meal)
  • don’t use the ddp for that meal

I wouldn’t risk breaking up the group without having the second reservation secured. Put in a reservation finder for however many aren’t on the dining plan. If and when that comes through, then modify he original one to the number with the dining plan.

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Thanks. I just talked to Disney dining and they said that we would be able to say ‘these 4 have the ddp and these are paying separate’. Is that an instance of them telling the wrong info?

And 100% agree, I don’t want to let go of the reservation without backup. But I want to preorder so we don’t waste valuable time standing in line to order.

Okay, bold move but it worked out. I was able to cancel the table of 10 and change to 3 separate reservations. Even if we could pay separately when we arrived, it was such a large group/variety of payments that it would have been a headache.

Thanks to you both for the tips!


Yes it was bad info. You could only do that if you hadn’t preordered. I’m glad it worked out for you!


You can do that but only if you put it in as two orders when you arrive. In others words- no preorder.

I have pre-ordered twice and split the bill to pay both times. Once was with my parents. Two rooms, both on dining plan. They let us pay by separate rooms. Second time preordered for me, DD and two of her friends. I had one dining credit left to use and each kid had a dining card for the school trip. So we had 4 different payments/transactions.

Can you share how you did this? When I have preordered I have gone by myself to the kiosk. I have then scanned my magic band. I confirm my order and then pick my payment method. I have never been able to isolate items to pay separately. Has a CM intervened?

Yes @PrincipalTinker. I’ve always paid a CM directly once I’ve walked into the castle. I’ve never had to scan at a kiosk. When we’ve preordered, we’ve always been told to go on in and not to the right where the kiosks are for those that didn’t preorder. I’ve told the CM who does the payments when we walk in, that we were in two rooms for the first time with my parents. Or on the second time that I had one dining credit left and needed to pay for each of the teens meals with their dining card.s CM ran them as two transactions for the two rooms. And did single transactions for dining credit, and each of the kids meal cards. Had individual receipts for each form of payment. It seemed business as usual.

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Is this lunch? I have only been recently to preRD breakfast and it has always been self-serve.

Yes at lunch both times for the split transactions. I’ve been to breakfast too and have always paid a cast member. I’ve never scanned a kiosk when I’ve preordered.

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Interesting, I am wondering about other liner experiences. Maybe CMs just stay away from me? It seems to me I remember CMs used to be at the stations, just not the last 3-4 times for me.

I’ve been for breakfast (not PPO) and lunch. Both times those who pre-ordered went direct to the CM at a desk, confirmed orders (you could change it if you ignored the rest of the queue tutting lol), and paid.

And we saw groups being told they could not split the bill.

That was three years ago though.

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That was my experience last week with PPO breakfast. We had preordered and were directed to go straight to CM at register who went over order with us, asked if we wanted to change anything, method of payment, and checked us out. We had an ADR for 6 ppl and deluxe dining for a room with 1 adult and 2 kids booked, but at BOG we ordered 4 adult meals and got zero flack.

There were CMs at lunch, but we couldn’t split the bill.

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My experience with splitting the bill was in October 2017 and April 2018.

Mine (not being able to split) was last week.

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