BOG Kid's Menu

Last time we ate at BOG was for a QS breakfast, so that tells you how dated my knowledge of BOG is. We’re taking a family of first timers and will be in MK on 12/30. It would be cool for them to see the castle, but they are not food adventurous; especially their pre-teen kids. How strict is BOG with the age 9 for the kids menu? Do they let 10 and 12 year olds count as kids?

The only time I’ve ever had any WDW restaurant give me trouble about an older child ordering from the kids’ menu was at CRT, and they still let her do it, they just were like “well it’s supposed to be under 10 only, but we’ll let it slide”. It was the weirdest thing ever because we were using deluxe dining credits for the meal, which weren’t even designated as kid or adult credits.

We went in 2020, my then 11 DD was nearly as tall as I am at 5’7. She ordered a lot of kid menu items, bc she is not into new foods either. We did not have any problems.

They may let them order from kids menu but you’ll pay the adult price.