BOG help on our PPO ADR

I currently have a PPO ADR for BOG in January for 3 (myself, DD12, DS6). It is the same morning as EMM. I have a few questions about it that I can’t seem to find answered on the blogs and reviews of BOG breakfast.

  1. Does everyone in my party have to order something? Will I be able to order 2 or 3 kids meals for breakfast for a cost-savings? It seems like a lot more food than we would normally eat at breakfast time but I’ve also noticed that the QS for breakfast is now prix fixe too. Help!
  2. Is this PPO breakfast going to help with riding 7DMT early since there is EMM?
  3. Other BOG tips? This will be our first time at BOG, but not MK.

Not everyone has to order something. It was always intended to be prix fixe but it has never been enforced. Order whatever you like.

You’ll be ahead of the RD crowd but won’t get multiple rides with no wait.

The prix fixe is an annoyance. I really wanted the banana-caramel donut, but wasn’t about to pay $29 for it! Had the charcuterie instead - still overpriced but everything in there is, you’re paying for the experience.

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I ordered kids meal, no problem, as a solo traveling adult (and I got a mimosa with my kids meal). :slight_smile:


As far as other tips, check out all of the rooms even if they aren’t allowing seating in all of them (occasionally they will close off one room until the others get full). All three rooms are extremely well themed, so take a few minutes to check them out. :sunglasses:

I don’t see that they’re offering EMM on January 3, so I think you’re ok!

In January for 3 people, not on 3 Jan!

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face palm sorry!!

It was still helpful for us. We were ahead of the RD crowd so didn’t use a FP for SDMT. They had us wait until exactly 9 so we didn’t get to ride it early but thought it was a good use of time anyway. Plus we hadn’t been in BOG and liked it a lot!


Didn’t have BOG, but we had a pre park BBB reservation for my daughter on a EMM day and it still worked out great. We were allowed to lineup for Standby and were let in right at 9:00, before RD crowd. Were off by like 9:07.

Great! Thanks! It sounds like you did exactly what I’m hoping to do. I’m glad it worked out well. We do have another day in MK that same trip so riding it multiple times that day isn’t a big issue, but it would be nice to go at least once without the long line!

Sounds like my kind of breakfast! Perfect! Thanks for the advice!

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