BOG FPP (ugh)

So, I've read all the directions and tried all the tricks but still can't find that stupid 12 digit number. I have no "make a payment" button under tickets and reservations (I never have) and when I log into online check in this is the Web address

No number. I'm having very unimagical thoughts.

: /

I feel your pain. I called a Disney and got ours.

I am in the same spot. I posted if I needed to be within a certain time frame for the "make a payment" optioned to appeared. I didn't get a response. I tried on my iPad, phone and laptop no luck.

I've heard that it's also on your magical express luggage tags. Not sure if this is true, but might be worth a look.

We drive so that's not an option either. : /

Sorry you aren't having any luck finding the number. We drive too, plus come internationally so no shipped magic bands. I have been able to find mine once I sign into the My Disney Experience link. I click on the link to "My Reservations and Tickets" under the "Plan and Manage" heading. Once there, it is under "Disney Resort and Hotel Reservations" beside "Remaining Balance". I just hover my mouse over it (on computer) and a small text box with the URL appears - the 12 digits are embedded in that address. I haven't paid off my balance yet and have seen this option since I was at least 170 days out. I know it is so frustrating when you can't find it!! I know you said you tried this trick but I thought I'd post it step by step just in case. I am not at the Online Check In date yet so I don't see the window from your screen shot. Best of luck! Wish I could be more help!

I'm paid off but for some reason I've never had the option to pay online.

Does it matter if a TA made the reservations for you?

Our TA did not have our 12 didgit number. I called Disney and they gave it to me. CALL DISNEY. It is very simple. Your stress will go away about it.

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Do you have access to online check in yet? I think that happens at 30 days, and usually the BOG FP doesn't open until 27 days or later. When you initially click on the online check-in button a page-loading screen will pop up with the spinning mickey. Woody might be on it? Anyway, while it's loading, go up to the URL, highlight it and copy it. Paste it into Word or notepad or something so you can get a good look at it. Your number should be embedded in that. I think it's at the end. I did it this way in January, so it's been a while. I hope I have all the details right.

Thank you I will call. It just seems strange that it is
right there for some people and other it is not 😕

I didn't use a TA so that could be the difference. I think payments have to be made through the TA if that's the way you booked.

The ONLINE CHECK IN button is another way to find it. Just hover over (DON'T CLICK ON) the Online Check in button when you are in your RESERVATIONS AND TICKETS section of MDE. In the URL, you'll find the number.