BOG FPP not available? Does that mean there aren't any left?

It says no FPP times are available - select another day.... have these been running out??? Its 27 days out for me, so I'm suprised.

I'm thinking maybe because it's a party of five, but my sister isn't coming so it's only four, but it won't let me modify the party size.

There are still some available for September the 21st. I am not sure what day you are looking for but that is as far out as it goes right now.

you're right, we could go Sunday but that's out HS day....I'm so sad. Our MK days are 9/23 amd 9/25 frowning

So this Wednesday the 23rd should show up. Try then because there have been a lot of times available.

It opens up one day at a time.

OH!!!! I thought it opened up for your entire trip 27 days before you check in... but it's one day at a time??? You have MADE MY DAY!! I'll try again on Wednesday!!

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Good luck!