BOG FPP help

I finally got BOG FPP today for our upcoming trip (28 days out). FPP was available on my first MK day of the trip and presumably the date at the end of my trip (33 days out) is not yet available (I did check the latter first before making the FPP). When I try to look at another date, the system tells me if I continue to check availability on another date, I will cancel my current FPP. I understand they don’t want you to have more than 1, but what if no availability on the day I want? The regular FPP system allows you to browse options before committing to a change. Do I really have to cancel and take my chances to get a later date? How to get around this?

I don’t know how to get around it - I had the same experience, and I just gave up when I saw that message. Calling might be the only way around it, but I don’t even know if that will help.