Bog fp?


Thinking about trying BOG lunch again and am almost to my 27 day mark. Anyone know if a reservation at the Swan works for this?


I don't believe the Swan gets that privilege but I could be wrong.


I didn't think so but figured I would ask. Thanks @Outer1. I am really bummed that I will probably cancel our BOG dinner ADR. As much as I want to try dinner there we weren't planning to be in MK on the evening I was able to get and it would really throw a wrench into other plans. Next time I guess. Will still try to do walk up lunch.


Just make sure you stop by early in the morning. If they are still giving out return times instead of just letting people queue up they could run out fairly early and you wouldn't want to miss out. Haven't seen any confirmation one way or the other if they are still doing the return times. Maybe another liner can add something to that.


What day is the ADR for BOG you are cancelling??? Please let me know. My email is I have been trying to get one for my trip and it seems like we may be going at the same time! Thanks!


It is for 11/1 at 5:40pm for 2 people. I am going to let my sister decide if we should switch everything around to make it work or not. Let me know if you could use that and I will be sure to let you know if I decide to cancel.


Thanks so much for the reply! I hope you will be able to work it out to use it, but if not please let me know. We will be there at that time. I posted in the chat that if anyone knows how I could get a FP for lunch and somehow transfer it to you I could do that if it would help you out too. By the way, love your user name! smile


Thanks! It sounds like my sister wants me to try rearranging everything to make it work but I am not sure that is possible. Will let you know if we cancel. Thanks for the offer about lunch but she told me she is only interested in dinner there. Keep checking every morning.


Thanks anyway! Hope you enjoy it! Please do keep me in mind if you cancel. smile I'll definitely keep checking.


Will definitely let you know if I cancel!