BOG for Breakfast?

Is BOG worth it for breakfast for just DH and myself? I’ve made a breakfast ADR for 9:15am but I’m not sure if I want to keep it. Don’t know if it’s work a table service credit. Would only be going for the “gray stuff” really…Any thoughts?

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It’s a QS credit at breakfast

Breakfast would be a quick service credit.

Or a snack if you are only getting a cupcake.

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It is a great use of a QS credit.


Yes, my bad. I typed table service instead of quick service. Do they have a “walk up window”. Haven’t been to Disney since 2008

No walk up window. But if you’re going at that time, might I suggest trying for a Pre-Park Opening time? Like in the 8AM hour on a non EMH or EMM day.

Can get you a good head start on some rides or even (my personal fav) just enjoy an empty park for a bit.

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Agree I wouldn’t go at 9:15. Not sure it’s worth going just for a cupcake. Food is meh. Atmosphere is dark. Only go if you can get PPO and of on DDP otherwise it’s a skip.

You could also go for lunch and get a cupcake.

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Thanks all…If i “throw back” the ADR I’ll give a head up here first.

Had the “Grey Stuff” as part of our dinner dessert trio a few weeks ago…Wasn’t impressed…It’s just grey frosting. Maybe the cupcake is better.

Still delicious though. So the flatware didn’t lie. :slight_smile:

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We had breakfast at BOG on our trip in January. Wife, 14yo daughter & Myself. We were on the DDP, used one QS credit per person. We were able to get in PPO, so we ate and were in line for 7DMT before opening. Great to walk down Main Street and by the Castle with no crowd. That was the only thing that made it worth it. Okay meal, okay atmosphere.

Agree with Flutegarden, would never pay out of pocket for the breakfast, not worth the price, especially after parking opening and with no small children.

Yeah, I like Buttercream frosting if that’s what it is?

I Think so? I suck at figuring out what frosting is. So long as it’s good though, I’m ok.