BOG for Breakfast or Dinner?

We have ADR’s for both for our MK days, which one would you keep? I know for breakfast we can use a QS meal and our reservation is at 8 am so it does get us into the park early, so I’m tempted to keep that one over the dinner, but just want to be sure before I cancel the dinner ADR! Thoughts?

If you want to save money and get into the park early, (check to make sure it isn’t an EMH day,) and you don’t mind not meeting Beast, then keep breakfast.

Dinner is more of an experience to be savored…full meal, meet and greet with Beast, etc.

I like both experiences for completely different reasons. I love walking through a mostly empty MK, picking my room/seat in the castle and then having a head start on the crowds. Also, you do not have to purchase a breakfast for each member of your party ( you can share) so it does not have to be expensive.

I found that dinner does not cost any more than any other TS, but is an unique dining experience. There really is no right or wrong choice- enjoy!

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I have never experienced the dinner at BOG, so I can’t comment on that, but I loved loved loved having breakfast there. Just to have the opportunity to walk through the empty park before my reservation and sitting in an empty Music Box room while I ate was nice and relaxing. There was ALOT of food (for just me eating solo I had a big plate of pastries to myself plus my main plate)
I am planning another breakfast reservation for my next trip just so that I can take advantage of being in the parks early and ride 7DMM.
Either excperience you choose you will have a great time!!

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