BOG fast pass with food allergies?

Anyone have experience using the BOG fast pass with food allergies to account for (i.e. special order for)? Will they do that? Any advice is welcome - gluten & diary.

When you get into the kiosk ordering area in BOG, head to a kiosk. There will be a special button for allergens. Click on this and select the allergens. A special menu will appear with food selections that are meant to avoid those allergens.

Then you just find a table and sit. The food will magically know where you are located.

Thanks so much! So should I not preorder for then?

It’s been a while since I’ve done the preorder. Not sure if they have the food selections there yet. It couldn’t hurt to try the preorder and see if the options are there.

If not, then the kiosks are your best bet.

Good luck and enjoy!!

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We deal with nut allergies for our kids - they really did a nice job with the kiosk / allergen button at BOG. Last year the BOG kiosk did not know from allergens.

That being said, while Disney does a terrific job with handling allergen info and the kiosk was a big step in an even better direction, it is still good to talk to the chef or at least a knowledgable CM. There can still be some nuance and difference in assessment about what is OK for your requirements.

We had some disparity between the safety of the crunchies they put on top of cupcakes - BOG told us they were questionable for nut allergies so would leave them off. A night later, the 1900 Park Fare chef specifically used them for special dessert made just for our kids. We wouldn’t have known there was a possible issue if we hadn’t had the previous conversation. So, we’ll never be pre-ordering anything, even at Disney.