BOG during MNSSHP?

We have 6:30 reservations for Be our Guest on our MNSSHP night in early September. We definitely want to see the parade and fireworks, not into the trick or treating, maybe some characters. Our kids are adults now, but DD is really eager to see Beast, so …dinner.
How long are we likely to be in Beast’s castle, and do you think it will interfere too much with the party activities? The schedule isn’t available yet, that I see.

For the amount you pay for the party, and the new fixed price for BOG, that will be one expensive night.

But, as always, it depends on your priorities. One thing it will affect is the meet and greets. Those lines start forming even before the official start of the party I believe, so eating at 6:30 is going to put you at a disadvantage if you were hoping to meet some of the characters.

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This is exactly what we did last year.

I wanted to go to BOG and this was the only reservation I could get.

I’m not really into Halloween. And what is MNSSHP? It’s extended opening hours of MK with no fast passes, but with shorter lines, free candy, some additional character meets, a special parade and different fireworks.

I’m not sure what you miss by being at BOG for — what? — an hour and a half at most. You could spend that time on rides, but lines are short anyway. I literally walked straight onto the boat at POC.

We were not seated right at our reservation time for BOG. I would look into bumping up the ADR to an earlier time.