BOG: Does soup count as a dessert?


When I was pre-ordering they have soup listed in the dessert section as well as in the regular food section, does this mean for the dining plan you can order a soup instead of a dessert??

Thank you!


I have only ever gotten soup as dessert once, at a local Chili's. We don't eat there anymore.

I don't think you can trade that but maybe?


I keep hearing that it is dependent upon the restaurant. It can't hurt to ask. I plan on asking for a swap for salad instead of dessert wherever possible.


In August I had the French onion soup instead of the dessert at BOG...I was trying to be good! HA!!


If you are talking about the lunch menu, then Yes, you can definitely swap the dessert out and get soup. I did it myself. It is because the soup counts as a snack credit so it's swappable for the drink or the dessert.