BOG dinner

I just stumbled upon a BOG ADR during our trip and grabbed it. But it will mean changing our park plans and FPs that day. I have done lunch there just after it opened and wasn't overly impressed. Is dinner worth changing our plans around?
It is the only Saturday night of our trip and the night we were planning to see Illuminations. We could probably switch nights for Illuminations and do on our last night after our Ohana dinner (had planned to go to MK for 2 hrs after dinner) but is it worth all the trouble?

BOG was not our favorite meal. I also snagged a last minute ADR for it and had to change our plans around to make it work. I was so excited about it, but in hindsight I don't think it was worth the effort.

That's kind of what I was thinking. I think if I could get one for a time when we were already planning to be in MK it wouldn't be a debate, I would try it.
The time I got, 5:40pm, is right in the middle of all of my evening EP FPs.

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Maybe if I hold onto it there will be a Liner who wants to trade a BOG dinner for 2 on 11/1 for a CRT pre-RD on 11/2! How's that for very specific wishful thinking!

I certainly don't want to be a downer though! If you can make it work, you'll probably enjoy it. I just wouldn't give up anything I cared a lot about for it.

We had the exact same experience. I didn't even try to book it this year.

Edited to add: I do think that everyone should form their own opinion though. Don't let my experience sway your decision. You just need to decide if the changes are worth it to you. blush

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@SallyEppcot We’re going for it and keeping BOG dinner. The only thing it will affect is how much time we have for F&W. But as my sis doesn’t drink at all I am okay with that. It was mainly for me and this is her special first trip.
So, instead of our Saturday looking like this:
Epcot all day with a late morning start through Illuminations.
it will look like this:
Earlier start to EP (9am) Future World for a bit them F&W and World Showcase into the afternoon. A little more Future World then monorail to MK for 5:40 BOG res. Leave MK around 8 or 8:30, monorail back to EP, walk through park and watch 10pm a Illuminations and then walk back to our hotel (Swan).

It does mean going to another park just for an ADR but my sis ranked BOG as a 10 when I sent her a list of possibilities for her to rank so I think it is worth it.

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Sounds like a great plan @VanellopeVonDoom. You should definitely do it since it’s important to your sister.

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I am REALLY glad I asked her! I also asked her about CRT breakfast thinking I could surprise her if I was able to switch from our CP breakfast and she put it at a 5 and put CP as a 10! Glad I hadn’t been able to change and now it saves me all the time I was spending checking every day.


It IS good that you asked her! Something similar happens when I tokd my boys about our trip. They randomly decided that breakfast with Stitch was THE thing they wanted most. I had to do some major shuffling to make that happen. :slight_smile:

I love the Ohana breakfast so I agree with them. It was hard to resist taking my sis there but with 4 days I only scheduled one breakfast.