BOG dinner to StarWars Dessert Party..?

So we have 5:20 reservations for BOG, and then the Star Wars Dessert Party starts at 8:30. DH thinks I am cutting it fine with CL 8-10. DS and DD are ready to move with purpose. Am I being overambitious, or is it doable?

I think it is doable but I scheduled a meal 4 hours before the party (the table next to me did too!) and it was to close to the party. You should be hungry to enjoy the party!

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Thank you! I had considered that too! Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way around it, its our last night at WDW. DS is a huge Star Wars fan, and DD wants to dance with the Beast. I guess we will just have to overeat just this once…

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Just be aware that the Beast is NOT a guarantee. I would prepare your daughter for the possibility he is not there.

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Zoinks, thanks for the tip. Will need to keep our expectations in check. Honestly, I am just grateful to have landed the ADR as we are a group of 10, yes 10 people. Sometimes this overachiever forgets to thank the stars for aligning and not complain that there isn’t any extra gravy.

On that note, very thankful to all of you lovely Liners for your support!