BOG Dinner or Breakfast?

I have an 8:25 breakfast res at BOG. If we get there earlier then that can we tour FL and ride SWMT early? We also have a dinner res for a night I really don’t want to do MK. Am I crazy if I cancel the dinner for the breakfast? My 2 DD’s really want to go but 2 times seems redundant. Any info would be great… Thx dj

So I have a lunch reservation and breakfast reservation on the same day. I decided to keep both. My plan is to use the breakfast for early entry. Goal is to come in, experience empty Main Street, get seated, eat, then head into fantasyland. For lunch, I plan to spend a little more time looking around, hopefully eating in the west wing, and taking in the ambience. Breakfast is purely strategy and function, lunch is experience.

Also, you might look in the recent threads. I just started a thread about how to navigate the early BOG reservations and fantasyland access. Might interest you.

Breakfast and dinner are two very different experiences. Breakfast is QS brought to your table (you order yourfood in advance, on line). Dinner is a true TS with table service and is considerably more expensive. The above being said, I’ve only had lunch there. No doubt that the restaurant is beautiful, but I found the food completely unremarkable. I may try it again for dinner to get the TS experience, but otherwise it was a one and done for me.

We (my fiance and myself) had a breakfast, lunch and dinner at BOG all on the same trip. We did a trip report that included all our dining. Our reason for the 3 meals, was to experience eating in each room. Our lunch was on 12/18.
Our breakfast and dinner were on 12/25 -
I if you have any other questions on places, you can look here and see if it was someplace we ate at. This then can show you what day we ate and you can see the review on that date.
I do hope that these help you in deciding what to do and when.

I like them both for different reasons. A 8:00am breakfast on a 9:00 opening day is one of my favorite things to do in MK! I will admit that I have also been to dinner many times- there is really something special about the TS element. I would go early for your breakfast.

I have only done dinner. BOG was our favorite dinner during our trip. It was so special and the food was great. I would not give up dinner there.

We did breakfast and dinner on different days last trip. As other have said, they are totally different. Breakfast was to get in early (which worked perfectly. Dinner was relaxing and the castle felt totally different. so I would keep both. But, if you want to cancel one, I agree that I would likely cancel the dinner.Assuming breakfast is pre rope drop, that is too valuable to give up.

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