BOG dinner on MNSSHP night (but not attending party)

What is the latest BOG dinner ADR I could plan for without attending the MNSSHP? From what I remember, ADRs after 6PM require MNSSHP tickets, but what about a 5:45 ADR?

5:45pm would work, it just has to be before 6pm. In 2017 (when the park closed at 7pm on party nights), we had an ADR for LTT at 6:50pm and were fine. Didn’t have to rush and got to see some of the party as we left around 8.

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Thanks @jenn94!

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2017 I had a 6pm ADR for BOG BUT party dates were not released at 180.

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I am going to say this has changed from year to year. You can tell if your ADR is open to all guests by BOG’s operating hours that will be listed on the website. You can change the calendar on the main BOG page and see exact hours. Anything beyond those posted hours will be for party guests only. Some years it is 6:00, some years it could be 5:15.


Would be another way to check park closing hours before they are released?

If you go to these crowd calendars:

They have the hours that used to show up in the old “TA Calendar”.

Sorry to drag up an old thread but I just made reservations for Skipper Canteen on a MNSSHP night for 6:25. When I look at the restaurant’s website it says the hours are until 7:00 that night so does that seem like it will work without a party ticket?

Yes, it sounds like you are fine! I don’t think it is open “during the party”. I would head over early since the CMs will try to force you out of the park.

Thank you!