BOG Dinner Menu: Recommendations?

Has anyone tried the lamb entree? The meat or the salad trio appetizers? What do you like to eat there?

Also has anyone succumbed to their child’s begging for the “souvenir light-up castle goblet” for $19? Curious what size it is (and how I’d carry 2 around the park the rest of the night). Gracias!

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I gave in to my 20 year old whining on our first trip to BOG. They washed the cup out and put it in a bag. It is big but the base can be taken off. He still uses it, but for beer. I did not get the lamb. I got the shrimp and scallops (very good) and my son’s favorite dinner is the pork. We have had the steak three times and two out of three times the steak was so fatty half of it was wasted.

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Thank you :smile:

@PianoMinnie, I got the chicken provencal and fingerling potatoes. It was not good IMHO. Chicken was on the bone and difficult to eat without just using your hands. Skin just slid off. Potatoes were very dry and screamed for flavor. When i go back i will try the Pork coq au vin style.

Dh got the lamb and loved it. I had the pork which was delicious. My 2 ds had the kids steak which I tried & was equally as good. Best place we ate all trip!

I got the salad trio – delish. I wanted a light dinner ( before MNSSHP) so I had soup, salad trio, and lots of bread, and it was great!

I had the lamb in April and it was fantastic. Was very similar to the lamb DD12 had at Club 33 (though much cheaper at BOG). DD had the seafood pastry thing, very good. DS had the pork chop, was good but nothing spectacular. Probably our favorite meal of our trip (and we had a lot of ADR’s).

Has anyone tried the salmon with leek fondue dinner entree? Sounds yummy to me, but I haven’t seen any reviews commenting on it…