BOG Dinner Change

BOG Do you know about the change to the dining plan at BOG for dinner going from 1 credit to a 2 credit ?
Beginning Friday, July 27, 2018, Be Our Guest Restaurant will offer an enhanced dinner experience-with a new prix fixe, 3-course menu featuring French-inspired dishes. Start your meal with a sumptuous appetizer like French onion soup, charred octopus, escargot or a selection of assorted meats and artisanal cheeses. For your main, feast on mouthwatering entrées such as filet mignon, smoked black-eye pea tortellini, seafood bouillabaisse and other savory delights. Then, top off your meal with a delectable dessert.

Yup. I for one, am looking forward to this. We have dinner there on 8/19!

we will be there sep15 for 20 nights and one of those is for MNSSHP so we have a ADR for BOG

I’m interested to hear how people like it. We’re going in October and decided against it. Thought the fixed price dinner was too much $$ for what was being offered. DH prefers a la carte.

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Not surprisingly, Disney has yet to update the website with the new menu info.

We still have no idea what the offering for kids will be.

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It looks pretty tasty. Our reservation for dinner is on August 13. I hope they are fully up on the new menu by then.

Full menu including kids menu here.


Looks delicious! I’ll be having the lobster bisque and the filet.

As I suspected, I won’t eat any of the apps so I will be going for lunch.

Disappointed in the change. With a 10 & 11 year old definitely doesn’t work for our family. Glad we got to see the Beast on a previous trip.


Yes I was so looking forward to going back, but we ate entrees and desserts there for 1 credit, I’m not going to do it for 2.

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Hmm. Would they let the adults order off the kid’s menu?

There are exactly two items on the adult menu I would eat: Filet Mignon, and the Dark Chocolate Truffle.

No matter. I wasn’t planning to eat there anyhow.

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I’m wondering what they do for people with allergies and food restrictions…

Knowing Disney, I’m sure they do have options. They don’t publish their allergy menus though because those are much more subject to change based on suppliers - or so is the explanation I’ve been given. Once it’s been open this way a while, I’m sure the allergy menu will get out.

It may be okay for me, with “normal” food issues. However, that’s more problematic for DH. Just reinforces my thoughts that we shouldn’t do Fixe Prix menus… Kind of sad, though.

I don’t know…I’ve heard good things about Disney and Prix Fixe. Definitely much more flexible in food issues - they’d definitely need advanced notice though.

Unless you’re choosing to do keto or something like that. That is more difficult for anyone.

I do keto, but that wouldn’t be too hard there. I just couldn’t do the dessert. DH has a short list of what he can eat. I’ll still forego BOG.

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It looks really good. I might change my plans to get dinner there.


I always got the steak or shrimp anyways so I’m fine with the menu change for adults, but I wish they would have left well enough alone with the kid’s. DD8 would eat the shrimp skewers but no way wild rice and zucchini and now that they’ve changed the cheese and are going to put black pepper on it, nope. So, we love BOG and have always done dinner, but think we’ll have to give lunch a try and say “goodbye to the beast” at least for a while.

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I am pretty sure you could get the sides changed to another side that exist on the menu. I never had any issues exchanging mashed potatoes for rice or something like that.