BOG: Can we only meet Beast and skip dinner?

Can we just go to meet the Beast with a dinner ADR? I just snagged a late dinner ADR for our last MK day. Can we use that to go in and meet Beast? Can we just order a cupcake and skip dinner?

I have a pre-park open breakfast ADR for BOG for our first MK Day but my son REALLY wants to meet the Beast. I also have a dinner ADR for a non-MK day, but we have park hoppers so thinking of hopping there in the evening to do some of Fantasyland and BOG dinner after the morning in AK. But, we’re staying at YC and I’m not looking forward to the back and forth.

Is just a cupcake and a hello to Beast allowed?

Yes you can just get a cupcake then meet the Beast.

Awesome. That will work well for our plans.


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