BOG breakfast wo/DP - is it worth it w/kids?

So I was able to snatch up a 8:10am BOG breakfast reservation for my family who leaves for Disney World next Wednesday. We are not doing the DP. I understand that there are no characters at BOG for breakfast, so I am wondering if having an expensive breakfast is worth it just so my two girls see it.

Financially no, but for the potential early ride on 7DMT, maybe. You get a tray of pastries so lots of people order for only some of their party, or order kids meals, and share the food and pastries. It makes the price a bit more palatable. It’s lovely to see inside though.

Breakfast is worth it to us only if it is around 8am and the park doesn’t open until 9, therefore allowing us to ride 7DMT once or twice before the rope drop crowds arrive. Check what time the park open that day, if it is 8am I would cancel. This happened to us recently, was supposed to go to BOG at 8am this Sunday with a 9am open, but open time changed to 8am, so we cancelled.

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Thanks! Since the park opens at 8:00am that day it doesn’t make sense.

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Thanks! I totally didn’t think about when the park opens. Its 8:00am that day so it doesn’t make sense to spend money on an expensive breakfast and not get extra time in the park before it opens. Plus we are doing the Halloween party that night.

If you just want to see the inside without spending as much time and $$ you could try for an afternoon time and just have a dessert. You don’t have to eat a whole meal there.