BOG breakfast with another family, what happens if they are late?

If I book a pre rope drop ADR at BOG for ourselves and another family, what happens if they are late? I’m assuming we can enter the park separately, but do we have to be together when we check into BOG? We would order our food beforehand, does this change anything?

No, pretty sure you don’t have to be together. I’m fairly sure all it takes is one of your party to check in and the rest can show up whenever so long as it’s within your “dining time” (meaning so long as you are still eating, they can show)

Not sure I would want to test this theory though. :slight_smile:

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I think usually they prefer you to check in all together. I’ve seen families being told to wait until they all get there before checking in at places like Ohana, Chef Micky.

There again, we got a table at Beaches and Cream whilst DH was collecting the hire car at the Dolphin.

Thee are two problems at BOG, which makes me think they would insist everyone waits, or that the second group may not get in.

The first is that you can’t split the check, so the first family may have to pay the full cost and confirm the order. And that would mean all the food would arrive together. Not to mention the second group would have to somehow by-pass the till line.

Secondly, you find your own seats. If you sat at a table for 8 and another group came in and couldn’t get another table, a CM might instruct them to join you. Then the rest of your group not only have to find you, and their cold food, but there may not be seats for them.

Like the PP, I wouldn’t want to test this. They would have to make an exception to the splitting the order for a start, that’s the main issue I think.

I would see if you can’t make 2 reservations. Maybe phone the dining line and see if they’ll split it into two separate groups. Doesn’t stop you going in together, or one group going in and trying to save them seats. At worst, you don’t sit together.


Thanks @Randall1028 and @Nickysyme The situation is as I feared. I think calling and splitting the reservation might work, but to be on the safe side I’ll try and move BOG breakfast back a few days and then they can make their own booking.

Adjacent to this topic. I made the reservation for all 7 of us. Can we place orders from separate MDEs attached to the ADR so that we can pay separately? Or do we have to do the order through the MDE that made the res?

I linked my friends on my disney experience, so I think we would all be able to make separate mobile orders, especially as we are all on the DDP. However there could be problems if we don’t all check into BOG at the same time. I would call Disney and ask to split the reservation, if you do, please let me know if it works.

Just an aside here Tate. Are you all in the same room? If so, you know you will all have access to all dining credits? Just making sure, so you’ll need to just make sure everyone knows that so they don’t use up all the snack credits, for example.

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Good question, I don’t know.

I made the ADR and I had the option to pre-order, which we did the night before on my MDE account. I don’t know if the others had that option or not. But it did prompt us to add an order for everyone listed. So it treats everyone as being on the one reservation, whether they’re individually listed or all just as “lead guest plus 6”.

But as far as I know, the group on the ADR all need to pay together., using the same method. So all using dining credits, all paying cash, all on one CC, or all charged to magic band.

Whether they adhere to that all the time, I don’t know. But that is the official line, so you won’t get a different answer. I assume it’s to speed up the process.

Obviously if you’re paying cash, it’s easy to sort out. I assume they would agree to dining credits from two bands, for separate rooms. Charging to a magic band or CC - not sure.

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That’s what I’m guessing. I know my experience is the past is that priority #1 is to get everyone in and eating (my priority too!). My bet is we’ll pay as one. Easy to sort out, but perhaps I’ll pay close attention when we do the mobile order and see what happens.

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Remember, @cjandres and @Tate, BOG is pre-order, not mobile order. Just a small detail to clarify.


No, the other family are at a different resort.