BOG breakfast showing up but not bookable

I can see breakfast showing up on the website past October 3rd but does not seem to be bookable yet. Is that possible? Or is it possible it is already booked for every day of our October 7th to 20th trip?

They probably haven’t released the inventory yet. I’m going to wear out my mouse reloading the page all day!

Dates go out to at least January 27 now.


Check back OFTEN! That what happened when they extended last time. It showed up as having breakfast available but not as bookable. I stalked the Disney reservations page like a crazed hyena for 24 hours but was rewarded with an 8am reservation!

Are the breakfast reservations at BOG booked like the other reservations at Disney? I would love to try it during our trip in November :blush:

Not getting any work done today. Stalking the page. So frustrating.

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When they actually release the new dates they posted, yes it will book like any other ADR. Just no way of knowing when they might release the dates.

When should I be looking to try and book BOG for the OCtober 4-9 trip?

Start refreshing the page now. They’ll release the inventory at some seemingly random time.

Still not seeing inventory for Nov. 15 - the web site still says breakfast can only be booked 90 days in advance, but nothing on those dates either.

My wife called the dining line yesterday afternoon in response to a message the web site gave her and the response there was that the new dates aren’t a “trial” extension but a permanent change. Also, inventory hadn’t been loaded into the system yet, but it could occur at any time.

Anyone have any luck yet? Trying to see if they’re still holding it at 90 days instead of 180…

FYI…the reservations should be loaded in the system on Aug 5 (per

If anyone has a lunch reservation that they no longer need, I would love to coordinate a release. Need 11/17. Thanks.

Reported to be bookable from 5th Aug but the price is going up and you won’t be able to preorder.

The price is going up?! Jeez, it’s already an expensive breakfast. Do you know what the price is going to, and if pricing will be different for the different entrees?

If I get the 15th for breakfast, I’ll have an early (10:40) lunch for 5 to give up on the 11/19 (Thursday).

I’ll be using dining credits, so price changes don’t bother me. :smile: Didn’t really care about pre-order either.

According to wdwmagic, $21.99 for adults.

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Yes on DDP it’s an even better value than before.

Okay, so not that much, but still pretty pricey.

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I have a Crystal Palace reservation on the19th, but maybe I could snag a CP on the 17th and coordinate with you for the BOG on the 19th (if you decide to drop it and wouldn’t mind coordinating the release)?

First things first. Have to latch on the MDE like a crazed weasel on the 5th to get the Sunday breakfast. :smile: After that, I’d be glad to coordinate.