BOG Breakfast Reservation - go early?

Someone on the app chat mentioned you could go early to BOG even if you had a later reservation. They said they were letting people back as early as 745am for a 930am reservation. We obviously would like to eat earlier if possible - anyone have experience with this??

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I don’t think they’d let you in early with a 930 res, since you’ll have plenty of time to get there with the park opening at 9. We had one for 830 and were let in at 745, got to BOG a couple minutes past 8, and were eating by 815. We were done in 20 min.

My guess would be that the post that you could enter early for a 9:30 ADR most likely was a typo. Has it been confirmed that ADRs past 8:30 have been allowed at 7:45 with the new rope drop procedures? A 9:30 ADR is well past park opening so there would be no reason for them to let anyone in. Of course, people make mistakes all the time so maybe you could get lucky?