BOG Breakfast Res

I was super excited that I was able to get most of my ADR’s this morning 180+10. I was able to get an 8:50 BOG breakfast reservation for a 9AM park opening. Is there anyway we can get in early? Has anyone had any experience with them allowing people in before their reservation time?

I believe they will let you in a bit before your reservation (10 minutes or so maybe?). Although I don’t think you will actually get in to your breakfast before your res based on how popular BOG is.

If it were me, I would keep the reservation you have as a back-up and keep looking for an earlier time. The 8:50 time doesn’t really do much for you touring wise because the park opens to everyone at 9:00.

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Odds are very high that they will let you in early. I would try as early as 8 or 8:15. A reservation that late wont help with touring but youll still get great empty MK photos!

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do the PRE ORDER for BOG. We did not - and it was awful. If you pre-order your wait is much less!!!

They should let you in early - we were there literally at rope drop (or more like “stay behind the rope” escort. Yet there were people already in the park - presumably for dining reservation.

We had an 8:05 reservation on a 9:00 AM opening day. They lined everyone up to the far left after scanning your band to confirm a reservation. They let the whole line in at around 7:45. So I guess the question becomes who they let in that line. Anyone with a pre-opening reservation or only those with a particularly early reservation.

I will say that you should give the reservation finder a try:

I had lots of luck with it, including scoring a BOG lunch reservation. We decided to do that for our last day and I got an alert two days before then and was able to secure the reservation. You could put in an alert for an 8 AM reservation and if one shows up switch to that. Good luck! The day we had a pre-opening reservation was one of our favorite mornings in the park ever. The park is wide open and the photographer we had in the hub was full of energy and willing to just keep snapping pictures.


I’d get to MK between 7 and 7:30 and get in the pre-RD line (all the way to the left). It’s possible they segregate you by ADR time. But even if they do they should let you in early enough to get to BOG sometime before your ADR. In the meantime:

  1. pre-order
  2. check daily for early ADR times

I would suggest getting a breakfast reservation for as early as possible. The opportunity for crowd-less pictures makes it worth it plus the possibility of getting an early start on some attractions.

When we went in April we had an 8:35 reservation and the park opened at 9. We got to the park before 8, and were let into the park with all the early reservations. We casually strolled up to BOG and did pictures along the way. I’m not sure what time we were actually going into BOG but we had eaten, got out, and got in line for the Anna and Elsa character meet before the park opened. They actually started to meet people before the park opened. So we were also able to get in line for Cinderella and Rapunzel, before that one got to long.

I don’t know this from personal experience, but I’ve read on this site that some people have had 8:50am ADR’s and had no problem being seated early at BOG because they weren’t checking ADR times. Whether you had preordered and what time you arrived was all that mattered. Might depend on the CM that morning, but I’d go straight there. Search under BOG breakfasts and you’ll find them. There’s also lots of references to getting in the park at 8am when your ADR is just before 9am.

We went last July and got an early reservation. We took some awesome pics on an empty main street. We preordered and were the first ones in the dining hall. We got to pick any table and take pictures in an empty room. It was awesome. It felt like we owned the place. We had a nice relaxing breakfast and got to ride 7DMT before the crowds showed up.

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Thank you all!!! I was able to get a reservation earlier!! 8:05AM. Super excited!! Now I just have to wait 6 months. UGH.