BOG Breakfast questions

I see that BOG breakfast is now prix fixe, or one price no matter which entrée you choose. Three questions if I may ask:

  1. If we pre-order, do we need to order the same # of entrees as people in the party? Or is it OK for the kids to share, considering there is a pastry basket as well?
  2. Could an adult order a kids entrée? The oatmeal is something my mom might want to order.
  3. What would they do about a 2 year old? Could he still eat off my plate?
    Thank you!!
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You can order whatever you want, you don’t have to order for everyone.
An adult can order a child’s meal but I believe the portions are very small.
Yes the 2 year old can eat off your plate or you can order them a meal of their own.

like @miss said above. :slight_smile: BoG breakfast is fun, food is great, and the space is great to be in! And don’t forget a ziplock bag in case of extra pastry.

This is super helpful! We have a pre-opening BOG in May and I really didn’t want to order a meal for both kiddos since they are definitely small enough to share. Thanks!