BOG Breakfast question

I have a 8:10 am ADR for a party of 6, It will be my husband and I, and our 4 kids. I was thinking of ordering 2 adult meals and 2 kids meals, and just having my twins eat pastries and the fruit from my husband and I’s plate. I was wondering how many pastries will we get? Will we get two trays because there are 6 of us, or one tray because there is only 4 meals? or will it remain a mystery?

As a family of 5, we got 2 plates of Danishes, muffins, etc, but if I recall correctly, I asked for it because the server had it on her tray and I said 1 plate wouldn’t be enough for us. Well, shouldn’t we be able to ask? A couple would receive 1 plate, so why shouldn’t we get 2, right? I’m fairly certain though that with 6 of you, you’d get 2. And there were, I’d say, 5-6 items on each plate. DD12 and I ordered the kids bacon and scrambled eggs @11.99 and we did fine with that. And for what it’s worth, DH and DS17 had the open faced bacon and egg sandwich, and though it looked delicious, the bread was as hard as rock! My other DS had waffles because of an allergy and only got 2 eggo-sized waffles and a bowl of fruit. For $20 that was hard to swallow. However, all in all, we’d do the breakfast again. The atmosphere, coupled with an 8:45 AM ride on 7DMT and a great start to a morning of park touring, it was well worth the $90! Enjoy!

Another tip, get there a little earlier. They will let you in before 810, which was our time. This will give you more time to eat and get out in line for 7DMT for 840.

Thanks for the info. My twins eat like birds, and will probably be too excited to eat anyway.

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Suggest you arrive at least by 7:30am although 7:15 would be better.