BOG Breakfast Pre-Order Drink Question

I am getting ready to do our BOG pre-order…we are on the dining plan, so we get a choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic drink with our QS credit. Breakfast, as I understand it, already comes with a drink. When I select the item I want to order, it gives me a drop down menu to select my beverage but only gives me non-alcoholic options. Do I pick a drink anyway and then just add my alcoholic beverage of choice as an add on?

(don’t judge me, I’m trying to maximize the value my dining plan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


following…would like to know too. you can judge me… i will be get an alcoholic beverage with every meal on the dining plan. :rofl::wine_glass::beer::tropical_drink:

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You leave that drop down menu on the cold beverage and then pick your mimosa. It will say there is a charge but there is not. It is an amazing QS credit! Enjoy!


I just did this in May! Just like Principal Tinker said, you can have both. The waiter will give you a cup to refill with soda as much as you’d like, so be sure to just add your mimosas on your pre-order and the waiter bring that to you as well. The charges showing on the pre-order freaked me out, but it’s all applied to the dining plan once you’re there.