BOG Breakfast on Early Morning Magic Day?

Is a 8:10a Breakfast at BOG still worth it if there is an Early Morning Magic Day? There isn’t currently one scheduled on the day I have my breakfast planned, but if they continue into October, and continue the current pattern, there could be. So, I am just trying to plan ahead.
Any chance this could be a good thing and we could hop on rides even sooner since they will already be running?

People who do the EMM get a sticker as they check in. I think the CMs can use them to control who gets to do the rides during that early hour.

Did you want the BOG breakfast to get a ride on 7DMT? There have been reports that they have been holding the breakfast people but letting them in line in front of the rope drop people. I do not think it is guaranteed, but it seems to be pretty consistent.

That would be part of the plan if we could get it. I guess what I was really wondering was if the early morning magic crowd would make things busier in Fantasyland as I get out of BOG

Absolutely still worth it. Upon getting there (8:05ish), pleasantly uncrowded on Main Street. (Not SUPER-deserted, but far from packed.) Arrived BOG 8:10ish. Forgot to pre-order the food! But lines to order upon arrival moved quickly, not as bad as some lunchtime lines I’ve seen there. Even without the pre-order, food arrived promptly, and we were out by 8:50 or 8:55. Then we back-tracked through Cinderella back to rope-drop area toward Tom/Fantasyland & we made it to be first in line to Merida M&G, our goal.


The early morning magic numbers are very low so they do not seem to impact the opening crowd.

Thanks all for your input. I didn’t think they would, but I didn’t want to be surprised when I got there.